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Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and translates to "knowledge of life". It’s an ancient system of healing that incorporates physical constitution, emotional nature, and spiritual outlook in the context of the universe.

Ayurveda originates from Sanskrit and Veda texts dating back more than 5,000 years ago. The science suggests we are all made up of a combination of 3 doshas or life forces, vata, pitta, and kapha. Each person has their unique combination and this combination ebbs and flows depending on your your diet, the season, the weather, your age and so on. The doshas need to find harmony. If left off balance, your health, energy level and mood will be affected.

Let's take a look at each dosha....

Kapha - Composed of water and air. A balanced Kapha will have large, soft eyes and excellent staimina. They will have a strong build with thick hair and smooth skin. Their personality will glow of patience, supportiveness and loyalty.

Vata - Reflects the qualities of fire and ether. A vata dominant person will have excellent agility, dry skin and hair, a thin frame, be creative, energetic and flexible, they will love excitement and new experiences when in balance. When out of balance, they may experience hypertension, constipation, weight - loss, weakness, and arthritis. They are prone to insomnia and digestive challenges.

Pitta - Composed of fire and water. All the metabolism is the result of pitta. A balances pitta will have perfect digestion, a clear complexion, and a healthy appetite. They will be precise, sharp, witty and out-spoken. Found out of balance, the pitta person may have digestive issues, skin rashes, excessive body heat, and burning sensations. They may become short tempered and argumentative.

What is my Dosha? Take this quiz.

Dosha Quiz - Chopra

Want to learn more?

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