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  • Laura Moser

Be Still and Quiet

We were taking our routine morning walk this morning. It was humid, but cool and misty. We had a little extra time, so we walked up the lane just a little further. We were quiet, but you could hear our footsteps along the graveled path. I looked up and saw something. My eyes aren't really that good anymore, but I said to myself, "that looks like a big orange cat, hold on girls, that's a little fox". There he was sitting in the field on a big concrete cylinder looking thing the construction workers had left behind. He froze, looked directly at us and darted away in the other direction.

We live in a neighborhood-type area surrounded by woods. Over the summer, an Amazon distribution center had been built over across the railroad tracks by the mall. We are seeing more wildlife coming over into the neighborhood since their natural habitats are being disrupted. I usually walk the dogs back towards the woods to get away from traffic in the neighborhood. Sometimes we will see a some deer or maybe a groundhog, but this is the first time we have seen a fox. This made my day!

When we are still and quiet, we may notice the things that we would have not normally seen. Take a moment or two to sit or walk in silence, what do you see?

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