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COVID - 19 Recovery

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

So it finally caught up with me. Yes, COVID. Never thought it would happen to me. I "never" get sick or call in. Invincible and always taking care of others. I wear a mask and had my vaccinations. I wash my hands incessantly. All of these things have kept me from bringing this awful illness home to my family.

Almost 3 years into the pandemic, my husband comes home sick from work. Yep, turns out positive. Positive family members are instructed to isolate from others in their home. This is exceptionally challenging in itself and by the time the family member tests positive, chances are others in the household have already been exposed.

I started with a tickle in my throat, oh it's nothing, it'll go away I thought (haha, my "positive" thinking). It didn't go away, chills and low grad fever followed. Then came the headache, cough and sore throat. My energy level was low, it took everything I had to just get up and brush my teeth. I had zero appetite, but was incredibly thirsty.

Here are some tips for how I coped with the symptoms.

Low energy level - Netflix and rest. Cuddled up with my dogs and lots of blankets.

Grocery delivery. Cancelled Thanksgiving (boo hoo). A box of tissues by my side. Macramé projects to keep my mind occupied once I started feeling better.

Dehydration - I always had a drink by my side. My favorite is warm ginger lemon water. Great for the immune system. Miso soup and chamomile tea. Coconut water.

Sore throat - Acai frozen smoothie pops. Loaded with vitamin C.

Congestion - Oh that Neti Pot I bought and never used. Saved me this time! Hot showers also helped. And Vick's Vapor rub (always keep it in the cupboard)

Headache - Cool Lavender flaxseed eye pillow.

Dizziness - Go slow. have no expectations for yourself.

Low grade fever - Always keep a working thermometer in your home and keep drinking even if you don't feel like it.

Cough - Ricola cough drops and honey in my tea. Eucalyptus in the diffuser.

Every yoga class, we say "listen to your body". Illness is no exception. Give yourself time to recover, stay home and be patient with yourself.

Test and know your status if you are experiencing symptoms to prevent the spread of COVID. Follow CDC guidance for current isolation guidelines. Always seek medical care if you are having trouble breathing, develop a high fever, cannot keep down fluids or have existing co-morbidities that cause your system to be immunocompromised.

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