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  • Laura Moser

How Do You Peel Your Banana?

Chances are we are all peeling our bananas from the stem down. I recently learned that the correct way to peel a banana is from the bottom up. Turns out monkeys peel their bananas this way and it is more efficient. Apparently the fruit of the banana does not squish or bruise this way. Ok, so how do you do it? Turn your banana upside down to the blossom end and pinch. This should split the skin allowing you to peel it back easily. Now, I did try this and it feels totally foreign. Guess what? I still peel my bananas the traditional way.

So, you may be wondering what the point is here. We all do things a little differently. We develop habits and we usually go back to what we are familiar with. Let's apply this to yoga and see what we come up with. I do Child's pose with my knees wide. Sometimes I try it with my knees touching. Neither one is wrong, but I prefer the one over the other. This may be how I was taught or just what feels better to me. You may do it differently and that is totally your yoga practice. See where we are going with this now?

So, go to your kitchen and peel a banana from the bottom and reflect on what feels good to you.

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