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What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is an age-old tradition believed to be originated in India and China and has been practiced in many cultures dating back to 1500 BC. The word meditation stems from meditatum, a Latin term that means ‘to ponder’.

Meditation is a technique used to develop an awareness of the present moment. It can involve practices to sharpen focus and attention, connect to the body and breath, develop acceptance of difficult emotions, and even alter consciousness (H. Bertone and C. Hoshaw. "Which Meditation is Right for Me" Healthline, November 2021).

Why is meditation good for me?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Decreases symptoms of depression

  • Pain reduction

  • Improved memory

  • Improved self awareness

  • Improves mood

  • Increases efficiency

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Creates a sense of calm

  • Promotes deeper breathing

  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

  • Reduces cortisol and epinephrine

  • Improves immune system

  • Decreases metabolism

  • Increases energy

  • Increases blood flow to the brain

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Increases melatonin

  • Increases efficiency of oxygen use in the body

Types of Meditation

  • Buddhist Meditation

  • Zazen Meditation

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Guided Meditation

  • Mantra Meditation

  • Moving Meditation

  • Focused Attention Meditation

  • Body Scan Meditation

  • Sound Meditation

  • Loving Kindness Meditation

How do I do meditate?

  • Find a quiet, comfortable area where you will not be distracted

  • Gather any props that will assist you in finding comfort (pillows, cushions, etc...)

  • Adjust lighting or music if you choose

  • Set the environment with any essential oils or fragrances that help you to relax

  • Find a seat or comfortable reclined position

  • Relax the body and enjoy

  • Make meditation part of your daily routine

  • Come with no expectations or judgements


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