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My 3 Favorite Herbal Recipes

I hope you enjoy these recipes! They are so easy to make, all natural and earth friendly! Make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Herbal Balm

This balm is great for dry skin, cuticles, feet, lips, hair, anywhere, you name it. Smells so good. You can adjust the consistency, adding more beeswax will make a firmer balm. Adjust the fragrance by adding more or less essential oils. You can mix and match or use one scent, I like to use lavender.

Ingredients and supplies: Glass measuring cup, tin salve containers, 2 oz. beeswax chips or shaved beeswax, 3 oz. Coconut oil, 5 drops of Vitamin E oil and 10 drops of Essential oil of your choice.

Instructions: Melt the beeswax and Coconut oil in the microwave or double boiler until liquid, stirring periodically until melted. Add the Vitamin E and Essential oils. Pour liquid into salve tins and allow to completely cool. Store with lid on at room temperature.

Yoga Mat Spray

Here's a great, natural way to clean your yoga mat. So easy to make and smells good too!

Always be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning prior to using oils on your mat. It is not recommended to use oils on some types of yoga mats

Ingredients and supplies: 1/4 cup Witch Hazel, 1/4 cup of water, 10 drops of essential oil, 10 drops of Tea Tree oil, spray bottle

Instructions: Combine the Witch Hazel, Essential oils and water in a spray bottle. Shake. Spray on a cloth and wipe down your yoga mat. Allow to dry.

Foot Scrub

You have to take good care of your feet, they take us everywhere we go. Many of us walk around barefoot and wear flip flops, causing callusing and dry skin build-up. This scrub feels so good on your feet, it exfoliates and hydrates. Take some time to take good care of those feet! PS. This is also good for dry, cracked skin on hands.

Ingredients and supplies: 1 1/2 cups Himalayan Pink Salt (fine), 1/3 cup Coconut oil, 10 drops of the Essential oil of your choice, container or jar, bowl and spoon for mixing

Instructions: Mix the salt and oils in a bowl. Spoon into containers with a lid. Store at room temperature. Apply to feet with hands using light friction as tolerated and rinse with water, dry. Enjoy your soft, new feet!


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