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Natural Products

It seems as though these days we are looking more toward purchasing and using products that are more natural and better for your body that pose less of a carbon footprint on our Mother Earth. I would just like to share some products that I love and have used.

Deodorant -

Natural deodorants are made to allow the natural cooling process of sweating, but offer the bacteria fighting elements to control odor.

I have tried a brand called Primal Pit Paste

that is made from Shea Butter, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E and essential oils. It comes in a 2 oz. jar, is organic and free of aluminum. I liked this deodorant a lot. It's like a paste. You take a pea sized ball and apply it to your arm pit area. Smells great, the scent I tried was coconut lime.

The second natural deodorant I tried and still use is a Crystal. From the reviews I read,

this crystal will last for years. money on deodorant in the long run. It's just a chunk of clear, non-scented crystal. It comes in a little dish to store it in. When you get out of the shower, just apply to damp arm pits. Love, love, love!

This same brand also comes in a plastic applicator that would probably be better for travel, but if you are in to less plastic, this one is perfect.

Shaving Cream -

What? Nope, don't buy it anymore. I just get a jar of organic unrefined jar of coconut oil

at the grocery store. It will last for weeks and you can use it for lots of other things.

Uses for Coconut Oil. All you have to do is make your legs wet with warm water and apply a quarter size dollop of Coconut Oil to the skin. The warmth of your skin will allow it to melt, then just shave with whatever razor you use. Try it. If you do it in the bath tub, it will soften all of your skin. Smells great and it's natural.

Menstrual Cup -

Oh I wish I would have discovered this sooner! They are more common, I believe, in the UK. Menstrual cups are a little silicone cup-like funnel that sits in the body and collects menstrual fluids. They are reusable and can be left in for 12 hours. No more buying products every month! Cleaner and less worry about leakage! There is a learning curve in the beginning to find the right fit and insertion technique. Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons

Witch Hazel -

Oldie, but a goody. I use Thayer's Facial Mist. It cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin. Just spray it on

your skin when you get out of the shower or any time you need to feel refreshed. You can also keep it in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect in the summer months. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that will tone and nourish your skin.

Feel free to slip in a comment if you have any you would recommend.


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