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  • Laura Moser

Sing Your Own Song

Life is short....sing your song. This is a sign I see everyday on my ride to work. Sounds good, but easier said then done. To me this saying means not to worry about what other people think, just do your thing. In today's society, we worry so much about fitting in and not being ourselves, but some version of what everyone else wants us to be.

We can easily relate this to the world of yoga, right? So, you log on to Instagram and see all of these beautiful people in fancy yoga pants that have "perfect" bodies and they are doing all of these bendy twisted poses. Don't go there, ok.....this is real life and this is as real as it gets. People come in different shapes and sizes. You don't need to be thin and flexible to do yoga. The most important thing to be is yourself. We all don't stand on our head or do the splits. It's about you showing up on your mat. Yoga doesn't judge. Your yoga time is a time to celebrate you. You are the only you, don't ever be afraid to let yourself shine! Be the best you you can ever be, sing your song.

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