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  • Laura Moser

Technology Blahhhs....

So..... technology is a necessary evil these days. I sound really old, but when I went to school we didn't have computers. We learned to type on a typewriter, that's right, an old fashioned typewriter.

I remember some years ago when I got my first cell phone, my husband said, "What do you need that for?". I'm a mom, right? So, I am thinking safety and communication. Well, now look at us. Our phones are mini computers and we wouldn't know what to do without them. We have become accustom to having access to instant information at our fingertips.

Now let's get to yoga. We are all online doing our thing. We aren't tech people, but we are learning. Most recently, I encountered some issues with my streaming provider. I'm all ready for class and no one can get in. This is a true bummer as I spend so much time preparing and look forward to sharing class with everyone. I spend an hour on a chat line with customer service leading to no resolution. I want to send a special thank you to my husband, aka Harry Monster for acting as a test student to help me trouble shoot and correct the issue. He is my true tech hero. I also send gratitude to those of you who could not get into class and let me know there was a problem.

Thinking back to that first flip phone I brought home to where we are now. Alexa makes the blinds go up and down, she keeps our grocery list up to date and even adjusts the thermostat. We are streaming movies and yoga classes. I just want to do yoga, but tech has become a big part of it. We are flexible and adjust in the form of progression. We learn to embrace change and use our fails as learning opportunities.

I love teaching in the studio, but teaching online has provided so many benefits. I have met so many people from all over the world who share the same passion. Online yoga also allows us to do stay home and do yoga, which is a big plus..... You can just wear your pajamas or keep your camera turned off, no driving to a studio required. I could think of a million more. Next time I get frustrated with the computer, I'll add to my list of benefits and appreciate those who have the innate ability to navigate the ever evolving field of technology.

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