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  • Laura Moser

What's In Your Grocery Cart?

Going to the grocery may be no fun, depending on how you look at it. Maybe another chore or just an errand, but it doesn't have to be that way. It really pays off in the end with these easy tips and try to make it fun!

Make a list - That's a no brainer, but easier said then done. Making a list will save you money and help keep you focused on purchasing just the items the you need, instead of impulse buying.

There are many ways to do this. I like to use my personal assistant, I won't mention her name. I can just take a quick scan around the kitchen and tell her what I need to put on the list. Everyone usually has items they keep on hand on a regular basis, like sugar, flour, oatmeal, butter, eggs, to name a few.... It's also a rule in our house that if you use the last of something, you put it on the list. That way we don't forget anything we've run out of.

Meal planning - Meal planning is a must for anyone who works and packs their lunch, otherwise you may find yourself at a fast food joint on your lunch break, ooops, it happens once in a while. I like to pick a few meals for the week. Those ingredients go on the list and I can prep them on Sunday for the week ahead. This system works great for us, but every family is different.

Shop on the outside of the aisles - This is a nice trick I learned from a dietician. So all of your whole food are on the outer square of the grocery store no matter where you shop. Have you ever thought about this? It's super important if you prefer to eat whole foods and try to stay away processed items like cookies, crackers and chips, canned soups and prepackaged meals.

Get organized - Make sure you leave the house with a couple of reusable grocery bags if your store allows you to bring your own. I keep a tote in my trunk in case I forget or need an extra bag.

You can also check out sales and clip some coupons if you still get fliers or information sent to you on paper. The grocery store I go to has electronic coupons, so I can go to their website and clip them to my account.

Eat before you go - Always eat a little snack before you go to the store. Studies show if you go to the grocery store hungry, chances are you will buy more stuff you didn't want or need.

I hope these tips are helpful and help make your grocery store trip a lot more productive.

Comment to if you have any other helpful tips and tricks.

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