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Who is Ganesha?

Ganesha or "Ganesh" is a HIndu god with an elephant head, often depicted with a pot belly surrounded by sweet treats (he's known to have a "sweet tooth").

"Gan" means group and represents the different energies of the universe. Ganesh governs these energies to form order in an otherwise state of chaos.

In Hindu mythology, the head of the elephant signifies wisdom and knowledge. Ganesha's big belly represents acceptance and generosity. Ganesha is known for his compassion and has big ears to hear the needs of the people.

Ganesha was born when a woman (Parvati) was taking a bath and she formed a boy from the dirt. Parvati asked the boy to keep watch for her while she bathed. When Parvati's husband (Shiva) returned, the boy did not recognize the him and would not allow him to enter. So, Shiva chopped off the boy's head. Parvati was heartbroken and explained to Shiva that the boy was their son. Shiva sent his assistants to go out and find the head of a sleeping man. The men returned with the head of an elephant. Shiva sewed the elephant head onto the boy's body and this became Ganesha.


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