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Wonderful session - thank you so much for taking the time, bringing your peace and strength and sharing your skill with me  (and all).

I like Laura's flows because they' re gentle but work the whole body.

~ Hilda

For those of you needing a gentle "workout", my daughter and I just took Laura Moser's Gentle Yoga via Zoom tonight and it was really wonderful.  Lots of gentle movements and stretching and my sore back feels great!

It's the first time I tried, I feel good.  Thank you for your efforts. 

Thank you - it was perfect for me to get back into the flow of yoga which I missed a lot after a year!

Thank you for all of it! I am feeling the progress each week!

~ Judy


Laura makes classes so easy to follow and I always feel great afterwards!

The pace and the 45 minutes was perfect. I was just getting over COVID and the class was just what I needed to ease back into working out especially with the aches and pains I was feeling while ill

~ Wendy

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